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Hill & Co. Firearms Training

Basic Pistol Shooting Course

The Basic Pistol Shooting Course introduces shooters to the knowledge, skill, and attitude needed for safely owning and using a pistol. Throughout this course, students will learn about pistol parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, pistol shooting fundamentals, and pistol shooting activities. This course will also prepare students for participation in the Concealed Carry Course as well as other Defensive pistol level training. The Basic Pistol Course is an 8-hour block of instruction, consisting of Classroom instruction, range etiquette, and pistol shooting activities.

December 17, 2022

Hampton, VA

Tactical Rifle Courses

 (Coming Soon)

Hill & Co. Firearms Tactical Rifle Course provides proven training in the safe, skillful, and effective use of your tactical rifle/carbine throughout the full ‘range of use’ for this type of weapon.

Our training will challenge, test, and validate both you and your equipment in a dynamic, experience-based training environment.

Lets Get After It!